Update from La Molina

On Monday the qualifications took place for the boarder-cross event of the World Championships in La Molina. the warm up to the two qualification runs went rather well for me and so I went into the starts with more confidence that I thought I would have after the training runs which were pretty scary for me. Nevertheless the pressure from such a big event definitely got to me at the start! On the first qualification run everything was going well until after the third turn where I got into a technical section where it is pretty quick with two rollers and then a big jump. I went of the jump and was leaning a little too far forward and crashed out doing a front flip on landing. This ended my run.

On my second run I still had my crash a little bit in my head and just wanted to get down to the bottom of the course to get a respectable result, and in the end I wasn’t as fast as I could have been and finished 55th 4 and a half seconds behind the fastest.

My brother finishing 6th after the qualifications was really cool and I went up to watch him and the rest of the field on tuesday which was impressive watching them hurtle themselves down that course four people at a time. Will finished 13th and Pierre Vaultier the winner of the World Cups 5th. Unluckily at the same time we got a call that my sister Charlotte had just hurt herself, broken her pelvis, ending her season.

I am really happy to have competed in this event though, as it was a much bigger course than any other that I have yet encountered in the European Cup I have been doing up-till now and the opponents were considerably better! Racing against the best in the world is an amazing experience! I feel that I have gained a lot of experience and confidence that I will hopefully be able to carry onwards to the University Championships in Turkey next weekend and for the rest of the season!

Thomas Bankes

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3 Responses to Update from La Molina

  1. Nice blog, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Deepu says:

      Ow, not so pleasant news for you, Tom. It’s true, these guys will detfeiinly fight for spot in Vikersund like never before, you too.:) But depending on, how motivated you are and how you work hard for it, it’s no need to worry..Believe me and i’m not the one who think in the way, right now. Maybe, all this things (which will lead you back to the top again) will be a little harder for you for the first time after injury, but when you get back on track, everything will be much easier for you. I’m sure and it seems, you’ll be in good shape and ready for Vikersuuuuuund!!:DStay good!:)

  2. Muneeb says:

    I believe that you will have spot in chsipmonahip team for sure. With your enthusiasm for jumping you’ll have no problem with it! It’s nice that all the time you are feeling better and better (: I’m sure you will be ready for Vikersund!PS Congratulations to Anders for 3rd place and Bjf8rn Einar Romf8ren for 7th place (:Good competition for the Norwegians. The rest also did well. Look very promising in team competitions Also all the time I keep my fingers crossed for your quickly return! The Norwegian team with you will be dream team! Greets from Poland