Blue Mountain, Canada!

Hi all,

Just got back from Blue Mountain, which is really just a hill with a bit of snow on, but the location is nice just above a lake!
The track was pretty tough, you needed a lot of commitment to get down it fast, as it was icy with lots of banks and kickers which could easily overshoot if you weren’t careful.
The qualifiers went pretty well with an 11th place on my first run but I made a few mistakes on my second whereas quite a few people accelerated so I ended up 23. I was really pumped for the finals the next day, but on my first run after coming out last of the start and managing to pass 2 opponents on the first flat section, I messed up my next overtaking move and fell. Of course I got up and kept on going but I managed to badly suck up a jump and landed in the next turn. i hurt both knees a bit but they should be fine in a few days.

We will be back in canada in a week for the next world cup in Stoneham, I will keep you posted!


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  1. Carla says:

    This is cool!