Stoneham World cup.

Today was not my day. My training runs went pretty well, I had some nice lines and was pumped up for the finals.
Just after the last run before mine left the start gate, one of the guys caught an edge and managed to get a nice blow to the head and was out could for a bit. so we had a good 15 minutes before he was evacuated. I managed to stay concentrated on my run, and I got quite a nice start, after a few little mistakes on the first straight, I was fourth. In the entry to the first turn, i hit the board of the cze rider david bakes who caught an edge and went down, in the rollers after that I made a move so that i didn’t hit Kevin Hill who fell just in front of me which brought me next to the Polish rider, we caught our boards and fell together, he was the first to get up and so finished in front of me.
I was very disappointed to come out in the first round yet again certainly having had a good qualifiers. Overall I finished 25th which is a long way from what i was expecting.

Now we have a bit of rest before a bit of a non stop end of season with Valmalenco (2 world cups), Sierra Nevada ( world junior championships), Grand Bornand ( French Championships).

After that we will be able to relax a bit and get a bit of time for ourselves 🙂

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