Some news

Since the end of the season, a lot things have happened, Charlotte has gone back to school 20130524-160042.jpgto work a little, Tom has been around the house and has found lots of new projects to keep him going, ( repairing the mini transat, rebuilding a mini Austin, and converting the sprinter…).
Will has been in st raphael for some rehabilitation, and in albertville for some physical training, the knee is coming on well, and he will be back on a board in June.

We all got some holidays in Spain together, where we got rained on, got some kiting in, and some sailing for Charlotte.

The weather over here still feels like winter, we had snow down to 1200m last week.20130524-160934.jpg20130524-160057.jpg

Managed to get back on the bike today with Tom, real good fun, and the puppy likes the rides.









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