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dating service halifax William Bankes, French Team I was initiated to skiing when i was 18 months old, and I loved it. Since then I moved to france aged 7 and joined the ski club and the snowboarding club. I continued both disciplines for as long as possible, and eventually turned my full attention to snowboarding. In 2007 I integrated the french generation team and went to a specialised school in Villard de Lans. Having until here competed only up to a european level, I was very excited to take my first start in the world cups in 2009/2010. In 2010/2011 I integrated the French Junior team and took part in nearly all the world cups, where my best position was 6th, and also was 13th in the World Championships, it was also the first year that I won a european cup. Thanks to these superb results, I integrated the French Senior team in june of 2011. Shortly after I passed my Baccalaureat. Next Year I will participate in all the World Cups, and will go to a sport science university in Grenoble.

best gay dating site in rochedale south queensland Dhaurahra Best Results French Championship: 2nd junior, 4th overall.

French Cup: 1st.

European Cup: One 1st place and One 3th place overall.

Junior World Championship: 15th.

World Cup: 9 participations in world cups with one 6th and 15th place.

World Championships: 13th.

Objectives for year 2011/2012:

I will be competing in all the world cups where I would like to be in the top three in at least one so that i can leave my mark. I would also like to qualify to the X-games.

Long term objectives:

Over the long term I want to participate in the 2014 Olympics and someday get a medal. In the world cups I would like to get a top 3 result in the overall.

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